Monday, February 1, 2016

Heart Candy Jar

Hey Everyone!
Today's craft is a cute DIY Valentine's Day candy jar! Or even use it as part of a centerpiece with battery operated firefly lights, as I have here. You could even use it in your bathroom for your cotton balls! 


Clear jar with lid (these come in three sizes and I used the medium size)

Acrylic Vinyl/Contact Paper/Sticker (I used the acrylic vinyl we sell for a much cleaner line)

Montana Spray Paint (I used a color called Frozen Raspberry, but pick any shade of Pink that you love!)

Rubbing Alcohol is a must!

White BoBunny Perler Pen (I used white)

Scissors/Exacto Blade

White Sheer Ribbon 

Heart Shape for tracing. (I used one of the dollar flat wood hearts that we sell!)

One Pen or Pencil for tracing

***OPTIONAL: Firefly Lights in warm white and battery operated with 3 AA batteries
***OPTIONAL: White Pom-Poms (as pictured) in assorted sizes

First, take your clear jar and wipe down the entire outside with rubbing alcohol using a rag or something that won't leave streaks or debris. 

Set aside to dry. Also remove the lid, we won't need it again until the very end.

Remember, don't touch the outside after wiping down! The rubbing alcohol ensures that our spray paint will coat our surface evenly, without smudges or fingerprints showing up. 

Next, take your heart shape and your vinyl and trace your heart. Then cut out heart shape.

Then take your heart cut-out, peel the back off and apply to the jar (without touching the glass with your fingers!)

In a well ventilated area, and over newspaper or a cardboard box, coat the entire rounded outside of your jar shape. Do not spray the lid. 

(In order to prevent the spray paint from going inside the container, place a small paper circle on top to block the fumes and paint.)

Let dry for 45 mins to an hour. Sunshine helps.

Then carefully peel the vinyl heart off, again without touching the painted glass surface if possible (just in case of scratches)

Almost there! At this point, take out the white Perler Pen and squeeze out tiny pearl shapes around the edge of your heart. 

The drops will round out as they dry.

Then we just need a pretty bow around the top and some goodies to go inside!!
I used about 14-18 inches of white sheer ribbon and trimmed to size.

And I put the assorted pom-poms inside with the firefly lights to make it glow, but feel free to use candy, or gumballs, or cotton balls!! You might even be able to use a small candle! (Just be careful with the lid, as the heat could burn and melt the plastic lining or blacken the glass.)

So cute right?!
Have fun!

-Bethany @EnchantedLake

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