Monday, August 22, 2016

Holiday Blockheads

Helllooo, Craftanistas and Craftonitos!
The holidays are right around the corner again! (Seriously, just around there.  Take a gander.)  Of course, with the holidays comes an enormous amount of wood at our stores.  Signs, crates, blocks, frames and trays, you name it!  The selection is HUGE and just looking at that unfinished wall of wood is enough to give you one of those creative headaches.  So many ideas, but where to start?  Well, today, I have a few simple projects that you can create using the same piece:  the wooden block!
When it comes to supplies, it really depends on which "blockhead" you want to make that determines that list.  But, saying that, the bare bones of these looks always include acrylic paint and a black acrylic marker.  I prefer Ceramcoat acrylic paint and the Montana acrylic paint marker.  Smooth application for both as well as a matte finish. 
For all three designs, I distressed the edges with some dark brown paint after I let the base colors dry.  You could also use an old dark brown stamp pad to rub the edges of your block for a lightly distressed look.  I then doodled their faces on and hot-glued al ltheir extra touches on.
If you decide to make the pumpkin, you will need a wooden unfinished handle for the stem and green raffia, which we sell in a variety pack of fall-colored raffia.  I also added a leaf that I pulled off a flower that I had on hand.  For the Frankenstein, you will need two wooden "hanger" pieces to paint silver and stick on the sides of his "neck" for bolts.  Last but not least, the snowman.  All he needs is a spiffy Christmas scarf.  For that I used a simple Christmas ribbon and hot-glued it around the base of the block, leaving a few inches to "skirt around" him.
That's pretty much it!  These blocks are very versatile, so it's easy to create a whole cast of holiday characters with them.  The sky's the limit!  Have fun!
Erika @ PC

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