Saturday, August 20, 2016


-                                                            Turtle Kite
-         Materials:
-         Square foam pieces     Baby Blue, Brown, Lime green and glitter green
-         10 MM Google eyes
-         7/8” in Satin ribbon   Turquoise-Lt. blue and Lime green
-         Crop-A-dile punch
-         eyelets
-         Accu-cut machine  Die-cuts  92 and X47
-         Start with brown foam sheet and with the ACCU-CUT machine, cut out 5 circles from cut X47(Medium Circle). You will also need a triangle piece for the tail. With the 5 circles, cut them into a more of oval shape for the legs.      As shown in picture
-         Lime green and the Glitter Green foamie. Use Die cut # 92 (Soccer Ball). Cut one in each one.  The Green glitter one you will need to cut out where it has ferreted lines. Then glue the pieces onto the lt. green one. As shown in picture
-         Lay the lt. blue piece of foam flat in front of you. Make sure that the long side of it is laying a cross, not up and down.  As shown in the picture. Arrange the 5 brown pieces of foam in a circle shape. Shape them for the legs and head for your turtle, you should overlap them. When you have them the way you want, glue them to the foam.     As shown in picture
-         Now take the lt. green piece and place it over the legs and head. When you get it to the right place, glue it on.  Then glue on the googly eyes.  Your turtle all done.

-         Then insert the eyelets into the whole. At the top of the crop-a-dile is a pointed end. Put the eyelet into that end. And push down, that will set the eyelet. As shown in the pictures.
-         Take you ribbon and cut 12” inch pieces. 5 white, 4 green, and 5 turquoises.
-         Then cut on at 16 inches to hang the kite with.  Put it into the eyelets hole and then tie a knot at the ends of both sides.

-         Lay you kite’s body flat in front of you with the inside of it face up. Glue the ribbon to the end of the inside of the kite. Arrange the colors as you would like. You can use 2 different ways to glue them on. 1- Use a low temp glue gun, 2- glue dots.
-         When done roll the kite together. Glue the ends together.
-         Now you have a Beautiful turtle kite.

                                          @HILO BEN FRANKLIN

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