Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Skellington Centerpiece

This is Halloween..  This is Halloween.. Halloween.  Halloween!.. 
Well, actually, it's late summer, BUT it's never to early to get started on holiday crafting!  Especially for one as fun as Halloween!  
What's this?  What's This!?

 Why, it's a centerpiece of the Pumpkin King himself: Jack Skellington!
This classic character is the hero of one of the best animated films of my generation: The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I remember being obsessed about it when I was 6.
This film, which has both Christmas and Halloween flair, makes a great and very popular theme for both holidays when it comes to parties.   
Here, I have an easy and really cool project for such an occasion!

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You will need...
- Glass Bubble Bowl
- Terracotta Pot
 - Hot Glue Gun
- Black Montana Marker  
-Black Spray Paint
- White Spray Paint
- White Acrylic Paint
- Silver Acrylic Paint
- Black Felt Sheet, Foam Sheet or Cardstock

(Note: Black glitter paint is optional.)

Let's get started!

Step 1. Spray paint your bubble bowl white.  Try not to spray a certain area to much for it might drip and dry that way!  You may need two coats depending on the opacity of your paint.  Set aside. 

Step 2.  Turn your terracotta pot upside down!  Hot glue the design of Jack's collar onto the pot.  This will create more texture on your piece.  It may look weird now, but it will all be worth it!  I left the small "spider webs" of glue on there for a more aged look.  

Step 3:  Spray paint your Terracotta pot with a jet black and set aside to dry.  (If you want, here is where you would spray the glitter paint on as well for some extra sparkle.)  Here I have both main pieces of the centerpiece all ready for some dressing up!

 Step 4:  Using a dry paintbrush, rub some metallic silver acrylic paint onto your pot.  Make sure the hot-glued areas are given extra attention.  You want this base to look like weathered iron.  

Step 5: Use the white paint to for Jack's shirt and to give a little more highlight to the ribbing on his tux.

Step 6: Use your Montana marker to draw on Jack's face. 

 Step 7.  Cut the pieces of the Jack's bat bow-tie out of the black felt sheet.  Add some detailing with the white paint.  You could draw the pieces on the felt sheet using a white paint pen before cutting.

Step 8.  Time to assemble!  Hot glue Jack's head onto the over-turned terracotta pot and then hot glue his bowtie onto the piece.  

Now he's all set for your special event!  Firefly lights could be put inside his head for a really cool effect.  This would look AMAZING if your venue is going to have dim lights for that eerie feel.  You could also fill his head up with candy if he will be set up in an office or classroom!  

See you next week!
Erika @ PC  

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