Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fall mason lighted jar

                                           Fall mason lighted jar


   8oz. Mason Jar
·        Orange, red, and yellow tissue paper
·        1” foam brush
·        Decou-page
·        Led battery lights
·        Die cut machine   cut # 55

 Instead of using tissue for the leafs, You can use fake or even real leafs
·        Take your tissue paper to the Die Cut machine. With the Cut # 55
Cut at least 3 to 4 leaves of each color of tissue paper.

·        Decou-page the whole outside of the Mason jar.
·        Take the leaves one at a time and arrange around the jar. Put another coat of decou-page over the tissue leaves. 





      Coat it real good.  
·        Set to the side and let it dry
·         When dry put in the LED light.


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