Monday, September 19, 2016

Pumpkin Made From Mason Jar Lids!

Happy Harvest to all of you dedicated followers!
And if this is your first time checking out a HouseMart Ben Franklin blog, welcome!!!


20 mason jar lids- any size
(you can find them in packs of 6 or 7) at any HouseMart Ben Franklin in Hawai'i
Salmon Uber matte spray paint
assorted ribbons (satin brown picot ribbon and tan burlap w/ green dots)
hot glue gun/ glue sticks
actual sticks from outside

First spray paint those lids! All you need is the rims, and not the flat discs. I used the salmon color, and it worked pretty well. It made my pumpkin take on a more subtle rustic color. You can also use copper spray to add shimmer accents here and there, to look like rust if you want your pumpkin to look more aged. Let your lids dry for 30 mins, and then hot glue ribbon on every other one! I alternated between two types of ribbon. 

Then simply tie your lids together in the middle! it helps to make sure all the lids are facing the same way.

Secure those sticks in there with a bit of hot glue.
Cut a few leaf shapes from your burlap and glue those in there as well!

And there you have it! Simple and so cute.

Bethany @ Enchanted Lake

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