Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Joyful Tassel Tote

Holy Baker's Twine!
Our stores have STOCKED UP on that classic Red and White Baker's Twine; a staple
of holiday crafters everywhere.  It's time to roll up our sleeves and get.. packaging!
That's right!  What's some cute Christmas packing without that twisted candy cane-like twine looped around or tied in a dainty little bow at the top? 
Not only is it great for some simple sprucing up on packaging, but it can be used in scrapbooking, art journaling, planning, as well as fiber arts.  It is a fabric twine after all.   Which means it's great for adding that decorative element to a simple hand towel or placemat.  Sew it!  Crochet it!  The possibilities are endless.!  Today's project is an easy and fun holiday tote that's sure to "bring joy" wherever you go.
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Here's what you'll need!
- Baker's Twine
- Cardstock
- Tote Bag
- Red Felt
- Scissors
- Needle
- Sewing Thread
- Fabric Glue
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Let's get started!
First thing's first:  Tassels!  These are going to be the head-turning detail that is going on your tote bag.  What you do is wrap the bakers twine around the bas of your fingers about thirty times.  Cut the string connecting the spool and then slip the entire loop off your fingers.
Use a three inch length of twine to tie off the top of the loop.  Then, get a length of twine about 5 inches long and wrap both sides of your loop together.  You want to leave about half an inch of space from the top.  Cut the strings at the bottom of the loop.  You can make as many of these tassels as you need to line the bottom of your tote bag.  I made five.
Sew these babies on!  You can make as many as you want.  It could even look cool with tassels going up the sides of the tote too!
Next, make a few letter templates on your cardstock, cut them out and use them to cut out your felt letters.  The other option is just cutting out your letters free-hand!  I chose to cut out "JOY"  Other fun and cute Christmas-y words or quotes would be "Bag of Coal", "Noel", "Christmas Gifts", Merry", "Ho Ho Ho!"...  The list goes on.  Take your pick!
Next, you can use the baker's twine OR embroidery thread to make some embroidered embellishments on your letters or around your tote bag.  Here, I used a thinner baker's twine to add some basic embroidery stitches.  I did a Running Stitch on the 'J', French knots on the 'O' and a loose Satin Stitch on the 'Y'. 

There you have it!  This is such a fun and easy project that would work great with yarn as well!  The kids will love it, and teens would definitely love to join in!  Who doesn't want to make a DIY tote bag?  This is a very simple design that could be built upon.  Looking at it now, some mini pom poms, jingle bells, or even some extra decorative embroidery would be amazing, especially around the top of the bag and handles.  Make a baker's twine pom pom keychain to hang from the handles!
It's up to you!
Have fun and Happy Crafting!
Erika @ PC

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