Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Address-a-Lopin' Around...

Are you someone who has trouble writing in a straight line when it comes to
addressing envelopes and packages?  Are you a perfectionist?  Well, guess what?
We now have that perfect tool that will help you write in evenly spaced and straight lines
on every parcel and letter you mail!
Looking at something this simple makes you think of boring mail like bills and what not, but let me tell you, you don't have to give up your creativity when using this!  Here is an example of the different looks you can achieve when you mix your media up!  Pictured are kraft paper, black and cream colored envelopes livened up with some stickers and designer scrapbooking cardstock from collections we carry in our stores.
All you need to start off, is a nice, clean envelope in the paper of your choice, some pens, embellishments and, of course, your handy-dandy Address-a-Lope!
If you would like, decorate your envelope first!  I chose a simple but cute and colorful paper from Amy Tangerine's On A Whim collection and used that like a washi tape at the very bottom of the envelope.  I then used a brown stamp pad to lightly rub the edges of the envelope, giving it an aged and distressed look.  Then, I chose a pretty floral sticker from, you guessed it, the Amy Tangerine On A Whim clear sticker sheet! I am in love with the collection's bright, summery and colorful look!

Third, line up the address-a-lope on the left side of your envelope.  There are two window sizes to choose from.  Focus on the smaller size, because this is the one for return addresses.  Here, you are going to left-face your name and address.   This is how I started off using a snazzy imaginary name.
After your return information has been filled, move the address-a-lope down and to the right of the envelope, and focus now on the larger windows.  Here is where you will write the name and address of the person you are sending your letter to!
Now, you're special SNAIL MAIL is FINITO!
Don't forget to put a stamp on that!
Have fun!
Erika @ PC

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