Monday, July 24, 2017

Ceramic Pineapples!

Happy Maker's Monday!
Today is a great day to decorate pineapples!
House Mart Ben Franklin stores just got in these really cute white ceramic home decor pineapples, and I was really itching to decorate them and add some color. There are so many ways you can add color to ceramic, I wanted to show you using some simple techniques and tools. 

This first pineapple is my FAVORITE!
All you need is alcohol ink in 2 greens and 2 oranges. 
I used a cotton swab, or a small square of felt, and squeezed a few drops on to the piece, and then promptly rubbed it on the surface of the pineapple. Because I only wanted the color to stick to the outer bumpies, I made sure to not press too hard and let the ink touch only the parts that stick out. Alcohol ink is SO easy to use! You can add splatters and drips, and because it acts like watercolor, you can get some really beautiful color blends by swirling multiple colors together. A little bit goes a LONG way. I must have only used 8 drops for this entire pineapple. The more drops you add, the more intense the color gets! Have fun using this technique on ceramic, or glass!
I finished this off by tying some jute around the leaves to give it a 'diy'-textured feel.

This next pineapple is very classy and is super easy to replicate! (I also love that this entertaining decor can be used as a candle stick, or single cupcake server, or votive holder!) I used 'Testor's' gold enamel and simply applied it with a brush! Easy as that! It's very thick, but also very drippy so be sure to spread out the gold or else it will pool up and drip off into places you might not want to be glossy golden! This gold enamel is so much better than gold paint. It has a very strong bond, and maintains that golden glossy metallic surface! So gorgeous!

This next pineapple is probably the most quirky! Ben Franklin sells brush tip glass markers, and I wanted to test it on a white ceramic piece. They are really fun to play with and the felt tip is flexible. If you are familiar with calligraphy markers, or TomBow markers, the felt tip is just like those! These markers will look translucent on clear glass, very opaque on white ceramic. I definitely liked the bold fluid strokes on this white pineapple. The colors will also mix with each other if you overlap the strokes while each color is still wet. I also love modern calligraphy and typography so I threw a little 'aloha' at the top. It's also recommended to bake the color on, so that it becomes super permanent. It's not meant to be food safe, so only apply to areas that your mouth or food will not be!

Have fun playing!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake

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