Saturday, March 17, 2012

Graduation's Coming Close!

Wow! It's already March! Graduation is right around the corner and the Ben Franklin stores have already started stocking up for the big event! Slowly but surely we're all getting in items in lots of school colors and the new lei book has even made it's debut! So if you know anyone who's going to be graduating this year, make sure you start early on your leis. (We all know how things tend to come up right before graduation.)

At the Hilo store, we have tons of yarn and ribbon to make your own colorful leis, but if you're not so crafty-inclined or just too busy to make your own, we have lots and lots of premade leis that you can pick up. (And those are great if you need a lot of leis because they're pretty reasonably priced and will last longer than the fresh flower leis!)

So come by and see what we have so you can get a head start on your graduation leis. Before you know it, graduation season will be here! Ahhhh! ^.^

~Jen @ Hilo Ben Franklin

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