Thursday, March 8, 2012

Serpentine Weave Bracelet

The woven bracelet trend is still going strong so here's a quick project that you can make using supplies we carry in our bead shops on Hilo, Maui, and Mapunapuna.  We have these ball chains that come in a variety of colors and in 2 sizes, for this project we will use the large size in 2 different colors.  You'll also need 2mm leather cord, crimp ends, jump rings, a clasp, and S Lon cord in a complimentary color to your ball chains. 

Determine the length of your bracelet.  Measure the leather cord accordingly and cut.

Take about 3 feet of the S Lon cord for a standard bracelet.  Tighten the crimp end over one end of both the leather and the S Lon cord to secure them together.  With the S Lon cord, tie a loose know right next to the crimp end and slip in the ends of the two ball chains and tighten the knot.  Hold the crimped end in your non-dominant hand and keep them aligned so that the leather is sandwiched between the ball chains.  Using your dominant hand, wrap the S Lon cord around the chains so that each wrap of S Lon falls between the balls on each chain.  You must move down the chain progressively without skipping any gaps pulling the S Lon tight with each wrap.  Your bracelet will start to twist on it's own after a few inches due to the tautness of the wrapping.   Once you've reached your desired length, trim off the excess of the ball chain and knot the S Lon cord and trim it leaving enough of a tail that will allow you to slip it into the crimp end with the leather end.  Attach the clasp with jump rings and you're done! 

This bracelet looks great when layered with other bracelets and it's fun to come up with different color combinations.  We'll have this as a free worksheet available in our bead shops and I'll be doing this in a demo at our Mapunapuna Bead shop on Saturday March 17 between 1 to 1:30 and again between 2 and 3.
We'll also be having our Bead Shop Blast on that day between 10 and 2 and more information on that will be coming soon!  I hope you can stop by because it'll be a lot of fun!

I'll see ya later!
Lynn @ Mapunapuna Bead Shop

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  1. Even before I read your name at the end of the post, I knew that it was one of your projects because it is so clever. I've wanted to make somethng with the ball chains but failed to come up with anything. Your project seems so much easier than using seed beads and doing macrame.