Monday, March 5, 2012

Smash Sale

If you haven't heard of Smash yet by K&Company, you really should check it out. Smash is a new line from one of our favorite scrapbooking companies and it's taking off. Much like an idea site such as Pinterest, Smash is a book, a journal, a folio, a memo, a note, a place to put pictures, a scrapbook, and really anything you want it to be. Would you like to keep track of certain important events? You can do that with Smash.

Smash also includes a line of ready-made, super stylish embellishments and tools to help you make your Smash book awesome, fast.

Got an idea for a scrap page that you want to remember? Smash it in!

Have someone who's smile makes you happy? Smash it in!

Want to share special things about your friends or people you've just met? Smash it in!

Honestly, we were having so much fun smashing that we even smashed our Smash embellishments into our

Our Smash products are on sale right now until March 9th at our Hawaii Ben Franklin locations. We've got this great display right at the front of the store filled with all kinds of ideas and fun stuff. You can even learn more about your favorite Enchanted Lake Ben Franklin employees by reading our sample. (There are some pretty juicy tidbits inside.)

Now I've gotta go home and get started on my own Smash book. See you soon!
Puna @ Enchanted Lake

PS. Once again there was another post earlier today about our latest Crankin' Out Crafts episode. If you want to learn more about punches, you should check it out.

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