Friday, June 29, 2012

Crankin’ Out Crafts Episode 119: Dueling Fish Centerpiece

Here’s a simple centerpiece idea involving fighting fish, perfect for your Pirate-themed party!!!  Brandon even shows you how to correctly get your fish accustomed to new water.

Create this easy and fun centerpiece for your Pirate Party!

Crimp-top Ivy bowl
Marbles or acrylic gems
Salt & hot water (to clean bowl and gems)
Purified water (or allow your tap water to sit for 1 day at room temperature)
Plastic plant
Note: Bowl and marbles/gems need to be cleaned with hot water and salt - *DO NOT USE SOAP*

This Pirate theme would be great for a Kid's Birthday Party. We hope you have enjoyed our projects this week, we'll be back next week! Have a great weekend!

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