Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I absolutely love the magnet boards that are featured on Crankin' Out Crafts in our store now,  they are so fun and easy to create. So, since Halloween is (believe it or not) right around the corner, and happens to be my favorite holiday...I was inspired to created this Witchy Witch magnet board that I just love.  

To create the witch hat shape, I simply took a 12x12 sheet of black card stock and laid two pieces of orange card stock (8.5x11 or 12x12 will do) as seen in the picture above.  I secured the paper with double sided tape, trimmed the edges with scissors and a paper cutter. Next, I used double sided tape to secure the hat image to a 12x12 metal sheet.  

Using Foamies Sheets, I cut two 3" wide strips out of a green sheet, and 8, 3'' by 1'' strips and shoes from a black sheet.

I assembled all the pieces of my magnet board with double sided tape and added ribbon and bows to give an adorability to our witch. I made magnets using plastic spiders, glass tiles and halloween paper designs. You can punch two holes in the top and use  ribbon to hang your magnet board in your home or classroom. This is a great craft the whole family can do and enjoy together!

-Market City BFC

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