Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Party Favors

It's time to get this party started!  We've got your party favor supplies, and easy ideas that will dazzle your guests and keep your planning enjoyable and stress free!  


We carry a wide variety of beautiful stickers and accessories that would be perfect for this favor!

This favor is SEW-FABULOUS and cute as a button!

We used E600 Glue to attach our buttons, and double sided tape to wrap a ribbon around the bottom half of the dish.  Take this idea and make favors for your party, gifts for your friends...and an emergency sewing kit for your household or glove compartment.  It's a cute way to store any little thing!


1) Fill treat bags with colorful chocolate candies or jelly beans.

2) Fold a 12x12 sheet of colorful paper in half and cut a simple butterfly-ish shape.  

3)Decorate both halves of one side of the butterfly shape with bright colored paper shapes (using punches or scissors), gem stickers and any other decorate stickers, markers etc.  We decorated both the sides to mirror eachother, but feel free to get creative with your own design.

4) Fold the wings in half punching three spaced holes if you want to hang it.  Use double sided tape to attached the bag of treats to the wings.  Using ribbon, simply thread the holes, knotting the ribbon on the other side of the butterfly and hang.  If you don't wish to hang your butterfly simply use double sided tape to attach the bag of treats to the wings.  

5) Use pipe cleaners for antennas.

Great for a kid's party!

TU-TU CUTE favor

Share these favors at a Birthday party, baby shower, dance recital, etc.

Princess Star Wand Favor...*BLING*

This favor is fun, interactive and screams princess!

- 12" favor tube

- Glitter foam sheets

- Glitter ribbon

- Curling ribbon

- Star die cut from the Accu Cut machine located and available for use at all Ben Franklin locations.

-Assemble using double sided tape.  Place curling ribbon between the two star shapes using craft glue or double sided tape when assembling. 

- Decorate with sticker gems for some magical bling!

Favors should be fun and easy for you and your, do yourself a favor and come on in to Ben Franklin Market City and pick up your supplies and great ideas!

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