Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's a Clay Thing!

I've always wanted to work with clay but have always had a vision of whatever I made falling apart. Just remembering what all those clay figures that were made during those elementary school years gives me the shivers! And, that pottery class in high school went the same way. Still, after being inspired with what Penny (from our Mapunapuna store) makes; I've been thinking of giving clay another try. These Martha Stewart Silcone Molds (the stores just got these in) may be the way to go before I try free-styling again. The directions say to just press the clay into the molds, release, air dry & embellish! Sounds simple enough?! I think I'll try it with our air dry Hearty Clay and either the Sculpey or Fimo Clay too! I'll let you know how it turns out!
This week's crafting features a Sizzix Swing Card tomorrow, September 20 & on Saturday, September 22 our Adventures will feature the Tree of Life Pendant in the morning & you can make a Burlap Ribbon Rose in the afternoon! The Burlap Rose is perfect for your Fall wreaths & the Tree of Life Pendant would be a nice gift for a friend!

There's always somethng creative going on at Pearl City Ben Franklin!
gloria @ Pearl City

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