Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Tomato Tree

I always think it's really cool when people get creative and re-purpose items for things that I would never have thought of doing. Case in point, one of our new holiday products. We are now carrying tomato cages in our stores but we're not using them to corral tomato vines. Instead we are throwing our craftiness at them and decorating them with everything and anything we can think of.

Here's a picture of one of our newest creations, the fall tomato tree. For this project, we used the metal tomato cage you see on the right of the page and wired some orange Christmas lights on to it. We then wrapped the cage in Deco Paper Mesh and added some fall garlands and picks to dress it up. Finally, as a topper, we stuck a straw wreath with a few more picks and some ribbon to the cage.

Tomato cages make great decorations, as you can see, and that's why I think I'm going to be doing quite a bit more of them as we get further into the holiday season.

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Puna @ Enchanted Lake

P.S. There's another blog post today for a Crankin' Out Crafts Halloween project, but you have to scroll down more to see it.

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