Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hello Kitty Witch Pumpkin

Happy Halloween Hello Kitty!!

Painting pumpkins is a huge trend this Halloween.  I saw this Hello Kitty Witch painted pumpkin, and had to make one as soon as possible!!!!

1) Using Crafter's Acrylic white paint and a poly-foam sponge, I painted my pumpkin white with two coats.  *Tip- it helps to clean off your pumpkin and make sure it has dried thoughrally before painting. 
2)While the paint was drying, i grabbed a black foamies sheet (to cut whiskers and small ovals for eyes), a yellow Felties sheet (cut small oval for the nose) and a thick white foamies sheet (for the ear or ears).  I used a small pumpkin, but any size will do, as long as it's shape is wide and round.  The size of your eyes, nose, whiskers and ears will depend on the size of pumpkin you chose.  I didn't use a template, I just winged it..
3) I used E600 Glue to attach the pieces and I think it turned out just fine! 

4) We have these fancy witch hats in all different sizes and ready for Kitty to wear!  I just placed it over the pumpkin stem and tadaaah!

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