Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Chunky Letter Photo Holder

Hey, everyone!
I hope you guys had an awesome Halloween last weekend. 
So, it's November and it's almost time for Thanksgiving!
Time to count your blessings and be grateful for what you have. 
Family, friends, pets... I know we all have a small photo of them somewhere
on our work desk or in our planners.  So today I will be showing you a fun way
to display a special photo using our brand new mini paper mache letters!
Supplies Needed
Mini Paper Mache Letter
Chalky Finish
Acrylic Paint
Foam Brush
Natural Bristle Brush
Small Paint Bowl
Thick Floral Wire
Montana Marker (not pictured)
Pliers (not pictured)
Let's get started!
First, use the foam brush to paint the letter with the chalk finish in the
color of your choice.  I decided to go with a teal
tone with a white distressed accent.

Second, after letting your base color dry, I used a dry natural bristle brush
to distress the letter with white acrylic paint.  Lightly dip the tip of the
flat brush in the paint, wipe the excess off on a paper towel or scratch paper,
and use light strokes to apply the paint.  The light strokes create the light and streaky
look.  Only apply a heavier amount of paint on the angles so it appears scuffed.
Next, color the bent floral wire.  The Montana paint marker provides
a smooth matte finish and it also dries pretty quickly, so I went with that instead
of spray paint or regular acrylic.  I had actually bent the wire with a pair of long nose pliers to form this curled shape. It's pretty easy.  Just start by bending where you want the base of the curl and go upwards from there.  I recommend leaving about
3 inches for your "stem".  This curl is where you will stick your photo on.
After that, poke a hole into the top of your letter with the needle.  Be sure not
to make the hole too big.  You want it to be tight around the stem so that your photo
stands up straight.

Lastly, stick the wire in and you're finished!

These are great for gifts, favors and place markers for parties! 
Embellish with glitter, stickers and rhinestones or tie on some beads.
Glue on some shells or pom poms.
Mod podge some scrapbook paper on each side!
Whatever you do, have fun!
Erika @ PC

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