Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Thursday!!

I hope your week has been going well. If you're like me, you're preparing for Valentine's Day decorations already. I get so excited about the holiday and all the cuteness surrounding it, so I start a bit early. Today I made a little felt heart cookie, and I just think it looks divine.

My materials were very simple, and the colors that I chose can be switched to all types of colors to give your projects a different and unique look. I started with one piece of light brown felt, and one light pink piece of felt. I found embroidery thread that was close to these colors, a little bit of Polyfil, and some pretty sprinkle looking beads. Don't forget to grab a needle! There are many sizes of needles out there, for this project you will either want two different needles, one that has a large enough eye for embroidery thread, and one that is thin enough to go through whatever bead you pick. I was lucky enough to find a needle that fits both of those requirements.

I folded my pink piece in half so I could make myself a heart shape that wasn't crooked and was even on both sides. After cutting out a heart that I liked the look of, I took that heart and traced it onto my brown felt, leaving about 1/4" around all of the edges extra. Cut that piece out, and trace it one more time onto your spare brown felt, keeping it the same size as the other brown felt. Once you have everything cut out, your next step is to start sewing the bling or sprinkles onto the pink frosting layer. Try to space them out evenly so it looks more realistic. After you finish sewing on your beads, you can stitch your pink frosting onto your top cookie layer. I used the pink embroidery thread with a whip stitch , with the idea that letting it be seen gives it more of a rustic and cute look. Before sewing the frosting down all the way, I put a smidgen amount of Polyfil underneath the frosting, just to give it a little bit of dimension. You can now begin a basic blanket stitch with the brown embroidery thread. I recommend starting at the very bottom of one side of the heart, because you won't have to hide your knot when you finish your stitch at the end.
This is what the back of a completed cookie heart looks like. Make sure that you put in your fluffy stuff before you complete your stitches!!

A simple blanket stitch begins with the needle piercing through both pieces of the felt. Before I bring the needle all the way through, I wrap the string that is about to be pulled through the felt around the tip of the needle. After doing this, pull the needle and the remaining string all the way through. Repeat. This will effectively give you a beautiful blanket stitch so long as you continue doing this all the way through and give your stitches a decent amount of space.

For added fun, you can always add a ribbon in the top to make it a cookie that can be hung. You can change the shape of this from a heart to a flower, a gingerbread man, and all types of other shapes. Have fun with this!

Megan @ Mapunapuna

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