Monday, February 6, 2017

I Heart Floral Wreaths

Hey Everyone! 

I wanted to do something cute for Valentine's Day that was a bit different from the pink, red, and white vibe this year and was inspired by more purples, berry colors, and champagne shimmers in making this fun heart wreath!

Heart shaped straw wreath
2 bunches of artificial flowers
hot glue gun / glue sticks
wire cutters
2-3 inch wide wire ribbon

First, wrap ribbon all the way around your wreath, with slight overlapping. Hot glue first piece, and last piece. Wrap very tightly.

Once ribbon is secured, using wire cutters, cut flowers off leaving some stem length. Remove all greenery from bouquet and set aside for later.

Curl bottom of wire stem to desired flower height and hot glue flat curled wire to the wreath. Continue per flower until desired. To maintain heart shape, angle flower head downwards at the inner and outer points of the heart, to dramatically enhance its shape. 

Use leftover leaves and greenery to fill around the inner and outer heart shape, to hide all that wire, and fill all those holes!



So lovely!! I am really digging these pinks and berry purples!
Have a great week!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake

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