Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sea Glass Windchime

So what if the groundhog saw his shadow again!
Six more weeks of Winter is not going to stop us from starting our
Spring crafting!  We have so much fun craft supplies coming in for the Spring and Summer seasons.  Nautical, Fairy Garden and Natural Woodland-themed items are making their way to our stores and filling our shelves this very moment.
There's also a very special product that we got in that has been requested MANY times by both our guests and employees. Haha!  That item is...Branch pieces!  We have both light-colored and dark colored branches in bundles available for you, so don't miss out.  Grab a bundle for all your Wooden frames, fairy garden, Bohemian and Nautical crafts!  Today, I have an easy and beautifully Boho craft for you.
This Seaglass windchime will be a great craft to display on your lanai or favorite tree in the backyard!  All you need are a few items.
+ Two branches
+ Jute Cord
+ Hot Glue Gun or E6000
+ Sea glass pieces
First, cut about five to six pieces of jute in lengths ranging from 15 to 20 inches.  You want to have at least two inches to tie one end to the branch.
Second. knot one end of the jute to a branch.  Make sure there are no loose ends sticking up for a clean look.  You can secure them with a little hot glue.


 Next, glue your pieces of sea glass to the jute cords!  You can glue them on using any pattern you want.  And there you have it!  This is a great craft to display on your front porch over the summer and it could also make a great nautical wall hanging.
Have fun and see you next week!
Erika @ PC

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