Thursday, February 9, 2017

Happy Thursday to all!! Spring and love are still in the air, and I am starting to feel it! I've been inspired by paintings that I've seen at big name stores. They sit there, staring at me looking stunning but a bit too much of a strain on the pocket book. I saw a painting of some birch trees, and just knew that I needed to try and recreate it. You first have to start with a base color painting, and that can be whatever color you choose! The painting that I saw had a lovely pale teal hue to it, but I decided to go with a light pink. I gave it two coats of pink acrylic paint and then let that dry. I came back in with a nice white paint, going up and down varying my thicknesses. Make sure that you can't see your previous color through it, and let it dry. Once your white is dry, go along the edges with a thick amount of black paint. I then took a different brush and has very dry bristles. Do quick swipes, beginning right at the edge with the black paint on it. Make sure to use this swipe to give the dimensional look to your trees. A slight curve will make it look like it's popping out and perfect. I found a beautiful gold paint by Martha Stewart that I used to give a few random streaks of gold throughout the tree trunks, and have a fun and slightly carved look to the trees by painting initials in a heart and a date. It's such a fun way to metaphorically carve your initials without hurting a single tree!!
Required supplies,
Paint, white, black, gold, and background color,
Three paint brushes, one thick and one smaller for the black paint, and one separate one for the gold paint.
I had a lot of fun doing this project and it really was a lot quicker than it looks!! Have a great time!!
Megan @ Mapunapuna

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