Saturday, February 11, 2017

Love Note board

                                               Love  note board

Creamacoat Paint Fuchsia – white- red- and pink
Paper Mache Letter   LOVE        
Valentine’s Paper - two sided
Lever Heart Punch 5/8”
Decou- page
Design Master TINT – Strawberry
RTD Plaque rectangle edge 18x5
Montana Paint Pen WHITE
Hot glue gun

Paint the letter first, you may want to do a second coat
L- White        O- Fuchsia       V- Pink          E – Red
After they are dry
L- It is painted white. Take the sponge and dab a small amount of the fuchsia paint on it. Then dab it on to the letter. Not covering the whole thing.
O- Is painted Fuchsia Use the Lever Heart punch and cut out 9 hearts out of the Valentines paper. Cover the front of it with Decou- Page, arrange the hearts around the O. do a second coat of Decou- Page onto the front of the O.
V- Is painted Pink. I left it just painted
E- Take the letter and place it on the Valentines paper. Terrace the letter onto it. Then cut it out.  

Cover the E with Decou- Page, place the paper onto the E.
Take you Plaque and lightly spray it with the design master Tint Strawberry.

Then with the Montana paint pen White Paint the ledge of the plaque with it.
When all dry-
Glue the Letter to the plaque with the out glue gun.

  You can put push pins in the bottom ledge, so you can leave little notes to you Love. ..

                   Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

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