Saturday, June 17, 2017

Glass Rock

                            Glass Rock

 Glass jar with cork
Blue twine
Frame Mat 5x7
Extra piece of mat board (for the back)
Small rock
Black and White Deco Marker
Glue dots
Double stick tape
Letters stickers

Tape the Frame mat to the extra piece of mat board.
With the glass bottle, wrap the twine around the top of it; put a drop of hot glue on the back to make sure it does not come apart.
Make your eyes with the deco markers, first the white and then a small black dot in the middle.
Add a small amount of sand to the bottom of the bottle, just enough to cover.
Add the rock to the bottle and close with the cork,
Glue dot the bottle to the frame (in the middle, on the bottom)
Write you DAD YOU Rock with the sticker’s letter above the bottle.

  Happy Father’s day to the all dad’s to there

                         Hilo Ben Franklin


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