Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Glitter Christmas Bulb Ornaments!!

Create these cute Glitter Light Bulb Ornaments using Glitter It and Glitter!!!

Glitter It!
Clear Bulb Ornaments
Glitter (Chunky or Fine)

All you do is remove the metal top of the clear Bulb Ornament and pour the Glitter It into the bulb. Swirl the liquid around until the entire bulb is covered, pour out extra liquid. Take your glitter ( Any kind you want) and pour a good amount into the bulb, place your finger over the opening and shake it up! This will coat the inside of the bulb with glitter! Replace the metal top and tie some ribbons onto the wire and you are done! Custom color and design ornaments! I added them to a Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath using Christmas Lights. All I did was put the light bulb inside the plastic bulb ornament to make them glow!

Thanks for looking and CRAFT ON!! ~ Deborah @ Market

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