Monday, September 9, 2013

Easy-Peasy Wall Art

Who doesn't love doing super simple projects that result in great decor pieces for your home? Well, if you answered anything but "no one" to that question, maybe you shouldn't read the rest of this entry. For everyone else, check it out:

Isn't it so cool? Also, you're going to be so surprised at how easy it is. It literally took me half-an-hour to complete this project. How, you ask? First, gather up your supplies. It's only three things so it should take you about a minute. You'll need 2" vinyl letters, a 12"x12" canvas, and some black spray paint.

Next step, use the vinyl letters to spell out your quote or saying. The letters are great because they stick enough to not let the spray paint seep through, but not enough to hamper your attempts to rearrange them into a more pleasing layout if needed. I actually had to rearrange my letters a couple of times, so believe me, this does come in handy. When you're happy with the way your quote looks, simply spray paint over the letters. Once the paint has dried, you can peel off the vinyl. That's it!

I hope you like it!
Puna @ Enchanted Lake

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