Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Halloween wreath with a lot of BOO!!

Create this spooktactular deco mesh wreath and give your door a lot of BOO!

Earlier in the blog we showed you how to make a Witches hat from a paper mache cone, chip board, paint and ribbons! Now we will tell you how to make the BOO letters from MDF wood letters, glitter and Mod Podge!

~For Letters
MDF Wood Letters
Acrylic Paints
Mod Podge
Chenille Stems
Hot Glue

~For Wreath
Blue Wreath Form
Purple Deco Mesh
Green Ribbon
Witch Hat
Spider ornament

Begin by painting the letters Purple, Orange and green. Once they dry, mix glitter with Mod Podge and paint it onto the letters... Use Green Glitter for the green letter and purple glitter for the purple letter. Let them dry for about 30 min. Use Hot glue to glue the chenille stems to the back of the letters, this is how you will attach the letters to your wreath form!!

Use purple Deco Mesh and Green Ribbon to create the wreath. I used a blue wreath form for a little more color! The Bowdabra is simple and creates awesome big bows like the one in the upper corner of the wreath, this bow was made from the same ribbon that we used around the wreath. Use Hot glue to attach the Witch Hat and also the spider.

Thanks for looking and CRAFT ON!!!! ~Deborah @ Market City

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