Thursday, February 20, 2014

3D-Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloon Craft Projects are oh-so-cute. Whether you want to add whimsical details to a party or you want to make a gift for a baby, THIS hot air balloon DIY is a great way to start. This is an adorable hot air balloon crafts. Adding clouds or a rainbow and string them up on your window or maybe into a mobile would be cute.

30141341 – EK Circle Scissors Pro
30141336 -  EK Cutterbee Glass Mat
30028735 – 2”in Marvy Uchida Punch Heart (Blue Punch)
30123978 – Martha Stewart Craft Glue
30104701 – Fold N Score Tool
Baker’s Twine or string

I cut 5 – 5” circles with the various colors. Punch 4 hearts and then score the circles and hearts in the center. Match the sides up and glue. While gluing add the string in the center of the circles and hearts. You can add some clouds too.

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