Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Resin Marble Magnet

Create these magnets using marbles, embellishments, resin and magnets!


UV Lamp
Flat Marbles
Alcohol Inks
Papers, printed acetate sheets etc...

When using Resin, you always want to work in layers, curing each layer as you go.

Place a drop of resin onto the back of the marble and then cut out an image from the acetate (we used a rose image). Cure the resin under the UV Lamp to seal it in place. You can cut out more images and layer them at this time if you wish. You can even use glitter by just sprinkling a tiny bit onto the resin while it is still wet, and cure it under the UV Lamp. Once you have the look you want, put a few drops of resin onto the marble and use a toothpick to mix in some alcohol ink (Only about half a drop though!) You can use any color and even mix colors to get exactly what you want! Once you are happy with the look, cure it under the UV Lamp for about 2-3 Minutes. Once it is done, use E-6000 to glue the magnet onto the back! We also used a cut out from paper and cured it with resin onto the back of the other marble before using the acetate images and alcohol inks.
Check out next week's blog to see how to make this magnetic frame!

Thanks for looking and CRAFT ON!!!
~Deb @ Market City

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