Tuesday, February 11, 2014

RTD Wood Jewelry Holder

Create this cute RTD Wood Jewelry Holder by using any acrylic paint. 

RTD Wood Jewelry Holder
Acrylic paint brush set
Foam brush

Paint the inside of the cabinet a solid color (I used a turquoise blue). You can unscrew the hooks if you would like to get a nice even paint job. Once the inside is dry, screw them back in. You are going to want to give it two coats of paint. Paint the outside with black acrylic paint, make sure to give it two coats. use the same color as you used for the inside to paint designs on the sides. I did simple paisleys and swirls! Customize it with stickers, glitter and even Deco pens!

 Thanks for looking and CRAFT ON!!!!!!
~Deborah @ Market City

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