Sunday, February 23, 2014

Flower Doll

Aloha Crafters,

With girls day coming up, todays Idea and Inspiration comes to you in the form of a little beaded flower doll.

Isn't she cute? You can do this craft with a little girl you know, or make it as a gift! Not only can you wear her as a necklace, but you could also put her on a key chain!


-Acrylic Floral beads (these can be either from the bead soup, or you can get a pack of them. 30122133)
-Seed beads in your choice of corresponding colors
-12mm white pearls or 16mm wooden beads (77938480)
-5 eye pins(30095601)
-Flower petals
-Sharpie or deco color pens
-Hot glue gun
-Wire utter
-Round nose plier
-Chain or key ring


1. Use the hot glue to adhere the loose flower petal onto a round bead. This will become our body
2. Take your first eye pin and string your body through
3. Take 2 eye pins and string on top of body, and glue. These will be our arms
4. Take your wooden bead or pearl and place at the top. This will be our head.
5. Take flower bead of your choice and place on top of your dolls head. 
6. Trim down the top of the eye pin and make a loop with your round nose pliers.
7. Attach the last 2 eye pins to the bottom of the doll. These will be our legs.
8. Place seed beads on arms and legs to desired length. Trim and round out wire and you're done!

I hope you enjoyed this project! Happy crafting!

Lani @ Kahului

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