Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Doodle Bug Aloha Tip Jar

Doodle Bug Aloha Tip Jar

What we used...
  • Doodle Bug's Pineapple Scrapbook 12"x 12"Paper (NEW!)
  • Montana Paint Pens in White and Green
  • Americana Satin Acrylic Paint in Turf Green and Gold
  • Ready to Decorate Wish Bank
What you'll need...
  • Blue Painter's Tape
  • Paper Trimmer
  • 1in. Paint Brush or 1in. Sponge Brush
Prep your wish bank, whip off any dust or dirt from the wood. Now we don't want paint on the glass, so take your Blue Painter's Tape and cover up the edges of the glass where it would meet with the wood. Tape up the inside glass too if you're going to paint the inside. On the outside we painted our wish bank Turf Green from Americana's Satin Acrylic Paint using a sponge brush, for more control use a paint brush. For the inside we painted it with Gold from Americana's Satin Acrylic Paint.

Next while the paint is drying, your wish bank needs a nice background. Since we just so happen to live in Hawaii, pineapples seems so fitting. With Doodle Bug's new paradise line it was the perfect choice. Just like fitting a picture into a frame, trim down your desired scrapbook paper down to fit the back with your Paper Trimmer. We like the new Fiskar's Re-enforced Paper Trimmer, cuts perfect straight lines and comes with a scoring piece as an added bonus! When the paint is dry you can insert your new background image.

On top of the glass, Montana Paint Pens were used to write "Tip Jar, Mahalo" White was used for "Mahalo" so that the more tips there were, the more visible it would be.

Time to update those tip jar cans! This is a great touch for those local business to add into their shops! With the bright green and gold paint with the iconic Hawaiian pineapples, it's hard to miss.

Thanks for crafting with the Krazy Goo!

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