Monday, October 3, 2016

Starry Stone Cauldron

Hey fellow crafters!
Check out this crazy amazing cauldron!

And it's SO easy to make!

Krylon charcoal stone spray
glass bowl with curly feet
plastic or vinyl stickers (stars) but you can also use alphabet letters
rubbing alcohol/cloth or paper towel
newspapers to protect surface
firefly lights

First wipe down your glass vase with rubbing alcohol and a cloth. This will remove any smudges or fingerprints so the spray can coat the glass evenly.

Then apply your stickers all over the face, ensuring that the edge is smooth and flat with the glass. You don't want the spray to drip behind the sticker!

Then lay the vase upside down on your newspaper, blocking the inside from any of the mist and spray away! Keep in mind the texture will occur quickly. Though it comes out at high pressure you'll want to do more coats vs. coating it all at once in order to avoid pesky drips. 

This stone spray needs to dry completely before removing the stickers. No sneak peeks! Let sit for 1 hour, then carefully peel off your stars.

Throw in some warm white firefly lights in there to really make your stars shine!
Or red and purple lights would be fun!
Happy Autumn!

Bethany @ Enchanted Lake

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