Sunday, October 2, 2016



Fall Love

Paper Stern wire
Orange satin ribbon 7/8
Fishing line

Small fall leafs
Yellow/orange paper
Olive green paper
Orange burlap ribbon 5/8”
Die cut machine.  Need 2” letter 
Glue Gun and Glue sticks


 Take the 2 Paper stem wire and twist them together to make a circle

      Take the floral tape and wrap around the two sides that you twisted together
·         Using the orange satin ribbon. Wrap around the whole thing. Use a little glue once in a while to make sure it does not shift.

·         When done shape the circle into a heart form
·         With the glue gun put leafs all around the heart.

Take a piece the orange burlap, place it across the middle of the heart.
·         Then using the die cut and the 2” letter cuts. Cut out the word fall in both colors. Glue them to the burlap ribbon

      Attach the fishing line to both sides of the top of the heart
·          Decorate the top with the flowers

                                                           @ HILO BEN FRANKLIN

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