Saturday, September 23, 2017

Heavy Gel Sgraffito Board

      Heavy Gel Sgraffito


Material List:
Golden Gesso
Golden Heavy Gel (Gloss)
Golden Self-Leveling Gel
Golden Fluid Ultramarine Blue
Golden Fluid Hansa Yellow Med.
Wood board
Brush, Palette Knife, and a pointed tool

n  Brush on the gesso and allow to dry

n  Create a 3 to 1 mixture of Heavy Gel and Ultramarine Blue. Spread onto the surface with the palette knife. Using the pointed tool, drag into the creating strokes over the entire board. Allow to dry
       The darker board is dried

n  Create 3 to 1 mixture of self-leveling gel and Hansa Yellow medium. Spread on to the surface with a palette knife. And let dry the yellow green board is dried

   There are so many more ways you can do it. enjoy

                         Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

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