Saturday, September 16, 2017

Wash Cloth Scrubby

          Scrubby Yarn washcloth

Red Heart Scrubby Cotton Yarn- 2 colors
Susan Bates Crochet Hook US-I9
Half Double Crochet Abbreviations for it is HDC

Chain 24


After you chain 24, start the first row- HDC into the third chain from the hook and in each across. that will be 22 HDC
-        Row 2- through 5 chains 2 at the beginning of the row and then HDC to the end.
-        Row 5- change your color and do the same as row 2 through 5.

Row 6-9 chain 2 and HDC into the rest.
-        Row 10 Change back to the first color.

                     Rows 10-14 chain 2 and HDC into the rest.
-                       Tie off and you are done.

                                             Joy @Hilo Ben Franklin

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