Saturday, September 2, 2017

Round Scrubbie

                    Round Scrubby

Material List:
2 colors of Red Heart Scrubby
Susan Bates Crochet Hook US-I9
Abbreviations   HDC- Half Double Crochet
                           DC- Double Crochet

-        Chain 3
  Slip Knot into the first Chain to make a circle

-        Chain 2 and do a HDC into the middle 8 times.
-        Slip knot into the next stitch

-        Change color by cutting and tying together

     Chain 2 and DC 2 times into each HDC stitches

-        Change colors again.  Chain 2  and DC into each DC
-        To connect and finish off, do a Slip knot.

Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

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