Saturday, September 9, 2017

Wire Heart Earrings

           Wire Heart Earrings

Material List:
18 Gauge Wire
Bent nose Pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire Cutters
Wire Straightener
Wire loopier

You will needed 2 pieces of 7 inches of wire.
Straighten the wire with the Straightener.

Take the Wire and twist it around to make a loop in the middle of the wire.

Shape the 2 ends into a heart shape using the wire loopier.

Twist one end of the bottom around the other
Take the bent nose pliers and push the wire together, then wrap one more time around and tighten the wire around. Cut off excess wire

You will have a piece of wire sticking out of the end. Bend it into a loop with the round nose pliers.

  You can make them into earrings or necklace. Embellish by adding shells or beads

                 Joy @    Hilo Ben Franklin

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