Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Little Lump 'o Coal

Happy Holiday! Christmas is fast approaching... like, light-speed. So, I thought of a fun stocking-stuffer! We sell geodes up at our registers for just $5, and kids (and adults!) just love smashing them open to reveal the lovely sparkles inside, so why not put a fun holiday twist on it? Turn it into.. a lump of coal! And don't forget- video their reactions for some great memories!


  • Black Paint
  • 2 Paintbrushes
  • Geodes
  • OPTIONAL Baker's Twine (or any ribbon of choice)

  • First, take your first paintbrush and brush off all the excess powder and rock dust off your geode- if you don't, the paint may just fall off with the dust later! (You can also rinse your geode, but I was too excited to wait for mine to dry)

  • Next, simply paint the entire outer surface black. I did mine half at a time, and I painted two coats just in case!
  • Optional- wrap/tie the coal with a piece of baker's twine or ribbon- I prefer the baker's twine because it adds a simple touch, and gives it a bit of a comical air.

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