Saturday, December 16, 2017

PomPom Snowman

            Pompom Snowman

Material List:
White yarn
2 Sizes of pompom Maker (the biggest one)
Sharp Scissors
6” of turquoise satin Ribbon
Adhesive Rhinestone Colors: Black-Red-and Turquoise 6 mm
Pipe Cleaners Turquoise or a matching Blue
Fabric Tec


1- The pompom maker opens from both sides, open one side. Start to wrap the yarn around it. Make it as full as possible; just make sure you can close it.
2- Open the other side and do the same. Cut the yarn when done

3- You will need a 12” piece of the yarn
4- When both sides are fully covered with the yarn & closed. Take your scissors to cut down the middle of each side.
5- Take the yarn, put in the middle and tie real tight.
6- Then pull out the sides.

7- It will have some pieces that will be longer than the others. Cut and shape with your scissors
8- Make another one smaller or bigger
9- Tie the 2 ends together to form your snowman, may need to reshape again
10- Tie the ribbon around the middle between the 2 makes the scarf
11- Put a small amount of the fabric Tec on the back of the rhinestones (just to make sure they stay on)

Black Rhinestones are for the eyes
Red Rhinestones- for the nose
Turquoise Rhinestones -is for the buttons on his belly
12- With the pipe cleaner, roll the ends into a circle on both sides of the pipe cleaner. Make the ends come out just little to form an ear muff. Put on the end. If you want to put some Fabric Tec on the ends.

     I really enjoyed making the snowman, Hope you do too.

                Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

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