Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New Year's Crowns!

Happy Tuesday, people! Christmas has passed us- and now we are headed straight to the New Year! New Year's Eve parties are a'coming, and I love to see all the cool decor and accessories that come. So, I have created simple crowns that you can wear to get that festive feel at home or at any New Year's party! All you need are a few different materials- chenille stems, glue, and rhinestones!


  • Chenille Stems (color of your choice, metallic colors preferred!)
  • Rhinestones, beads, pearls.. any embellishment of your choice!
  • Hot glue gun + glue sticks
  • Take your chenille stems and create your base- 2 stems for a whole-head crown, and just 1 for a mini! You can either hot glue the ends together, or twist them together.

  • Next take a loose chenille stem, and fold it over to create a loop and 2 "tails"- make sure your 2 tails are fairly even in length.

  • Glue on your tails to your base, and glue the next loop on next to the first, overlapping the bottoms as desired.

  • Continue until your whole crown is complete, then glue on rhinestones and embellishments as desired!

  • Feel free to tweak lengths and sizes to create different style and effects! Happy crafting, and Happy New Year!

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