Saturday, April 16, 2016

                              Aloha from our Island of Hawaii
  “U“want an easy graduation centerpiece/front table piece?            

   -  Piece of black glitter paper             5x5.
   -  9.5” Wood Letter
   -  Embroidery thread (choice of          color)
   -  Elements Brads
   -  Design Master 14KT Gold               Spray paint

Now this is going to be real easy:
n Choose a wooden letter.
n  Spray it with the design master 14KT gold.
n  Set to the side dry.  
n  Make a tassel using the DMC embroidery thread.
o   I used the Beadalon Tassel maker tool to create the tassel.

o   Poke a small hole in the middle of the glitter paper. Wrap the tassel around the brad. Then put the bard in the hole and close.
n Take the low temp hot glue gun to clue the cap to the letter.

                                 MAHALO!  JOYT@HILOBEN               

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