Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Steampunk Mermaid Jewelry Box

Mermaids?  Lovely!  Steampunk Mermaids?  Ah-maaa-ziiiing!
This week's project uses the new Graphic 45 - Under the Sea scrapbook paper that our stores got in
a couple weeks ago.  The name is somewhat misleading because when they were put out, we found out that they were not like any other ocean-themed paper we've seen before.
In fact, there was a very quirky Victorian Steampunk twist to it.  Which was AWESOME.
Seriously, why did we have to wait so long for this paper??

Alright!  I took one of our really cool unfinished jewelry boxes to decorate using this scrapbook paper. To get started, I painted the outside with Chalky Finish in the color Treasure to give it a cool ocean feel.  I then Mod Podged scraps and cutouts of the paper onto the top and sides of the box.  I also Mod-Podged scraps of the Seashell print onto the interior bottom of the jewelry box.  
 Inside, there were little compartments that I painted using the brighter colors that were present in the paper to compliment the teal blue of the chalky finish.  After Mod-Podging more cutouts on the bottoms of the compartments and one onto the mirror that was underneath the box's cover, I painted the inside of the box with a bright Satin Americana paint in the color Leprechaun.  
After that, I distressed the sides of the box with Delta Ceramcoat in Metallic Gold 14K.

As a finishing touch I embellished the box with some of Tim Holtz' small metal gears and small beads using UV resin... Juuuuust to add a little extra Steampunk feel.  And there we have it!
Always remember:  Make it your own and have fun.  We have a TON of scrapbook
designs available for you to customize your very own jewelry box and a plethora of unfinished wood boxes for you to choose from.  There are seriously so many choices, so don't hesitate to ask for some ideas and inspiration.  
That's what we're here for!

Erika @ PC

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