Saturday, April 2, 2016

Key Box Holder

                                       Aloha from our island of Hawaii
                                    KEY BOX HOLDER

 Material’s list:
Hi Temp Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
SPC Jute ribbon
SPC Craft buttons
Ceracoat White and Turquoise Paint
Foam Brushes
Bistro Chalk markers

Using a technique call white wash.
Put a small amount of paint on a pallet paper. I put a small amount of paint on the brush, then brush it onto the paper to get the excess off. Then lightly stroke the box with the white paint. Let dry, then repeat with the turquoise paint.

Set to side and let dry.
Take the jute ribbon to make a bow. When make the bow leave the tails long for gluing onto the box.  Glue the bow to the box, then the tails. Leave gaps when gluing the tail to the box. 
Then take the buttons and glue them on the bow and the tails.
Take the Bistro chalk pen and write on the chalkboard of the box.


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