Saturday, April 30, 2016

                                      Aloha from Joy at Hilo Ben Franklin on the Big island of Hawaii

                                This week we are featuring a “Mother’s embrace” Mother’s Day card.
Materials used:
        (1) 5” x 7” Card (Any color)

-          (1) Brown card stock 4 ½” x 6 ½”  

-          (1) Pink card stock 4”x 4”

-          (1) Green card stock 3” x  3”

-          (1) Blue card stock 3” x  3”

-          Black sharpie pen

-          Paper scorer and cutter

-          Double stick tape

-          3D foam squares


Now we put it all together:

-          Cut out shape’s provided for you

-          Tape the 4 1/2x61/2  brown card stock to the front of the already made card

-          Take the 4x4 pink card stock, trace and cut out the Mommy bird out of it.

-          Take the 3x3 blue card stock, trace and cut the baby bird with it

-          Take the 3x3 green card stock, trace and cut the both arms out of it.

-          Place 3D foam squares at the neck and bottom of the Mommy bird and place onto the card

-          Place double stick tape on the back of the head, and a 3d foam square on the bottom of the Baby bird. Then place the head under the neck of the Mommy bird.

-          Using the double stick tape, place the arm without the tab on it over the mommy. When looking at the card, it will be on your right hand side.

-          Place double stick tape on the tab on the arm, insert the tab behind the baby bird’s head.

-           Make sure the arms are overlapping and tape. If they are off a little, the cut to match.

-          Attached is a Diagram of the placing for the bird’s and arms.

-          Take the Sharpie and draw in the eyes and legs.


                       All that’s left Is to write a message and sign the card and give it to Mom.


                                                   Hilo Ben franklin

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