Saturday, April 9, 2016

                                                          Aloha from our island of Hawaii

                                                                 Graduation centerpiece

Glass gems in the colors of: Luster clear, ice blue, and cobalt blue
Diamond filler
4 Dowels .125x12 in
Ivory Bowl
Blue satin Blue
I piece of Glitter paper
I piece of any color blue
Styrofoam ball
Double stick tape
Will have to use the 4inch die cut, provide at ben franklin stores

 In the ivory bowl place the Styrofoam ball. Over the Styrofoam ball place the all colors of the glass gems; also add the diamond filler to it. Arrange to the way you desire. Set aside
Take your paper and use the Die cut machine. Take the blue paper, using the 4 inch die cut and cut the numbers 2016. When cutting the white glitter numbers. Make sure to turn the paper upside down, so the glitter part is on the die cut. This way the glitter side of the paper will show.
Tape the blue numbers to the dowels using the double sided tape. Then tape the white glitter numbers to the other side. So the will be back to back. To give it more of a depth look, let some of the blue still show behind the white glitter paper. If you like you can also paint the dowels blue.   Stick the dowel into the Styrofoam ball.
Wrap the ribbon around the rim of the Ivory bowl; make a bow to put on the front of the ribbon.


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