Saturday, June 11, 2016

Father's day Box


               Father’s Day Box

Materials List
Money Box
Printed cardstock
Wood shapes
Creamacoat paint
 (I used Navy Blue, White and Pink)
Masking tape
Sponge brush
Mod Podge
 Double sided tape
Foam Square dots
Need a circle and square punch (purple color)
Black Deco paint marker
Will need to 2 pictures


T    Take the back of the box off. Line the inside and outside of the edge where the box and the glass meet with masking tape. So you can paint the box without getting on the glass.
-          On the back piece of the box. , take the printed cardstock and measure it, then cut it out. After that use the double sided tape to put it on the inside of the back board.

Using the sponge brush and the creamacoat paint. Put a small amount of the navy paint on the brush. Then brush it on a separate paper. Then you will lightly brush onto the box. You can put as much are as little as you like. Set aside and let dry.
-          Wash your sponge brush and dry with a paper towel, so it will be ready to use again.
-          Take the wood shapes and paint them (paint them any color you desire), leave to dry. I used square and circle shapes.
-          Your box should be dry by now. Repeat the same as I did with the navy paint but with the white paint. Then set  aside to dry
-          When the box is dry you will mod podge the box.
-          Also want to put a small amount of mod podge on the shape, and then put the picture on the shape, put more Mod Podge over it. Repeat on the other shape too. Let dry.

-          When shapes are dry put foam square on the back side of them.Then put the shapes on the back of the box, which you put the printed card stock on. Arrange them the way you desire. Just remember that you need to leave room so the back still fits on the box.
-          When the box is dry, take off the masking tape.
-          With your deco marker write whatever saying goes with you theme. Like I wrote “Dad your our star” Due to I used stars for my background paper.
-          Then put the back on the box. You can add to it if you like.
-          Have fun with this father’s day craft

                      JOYT@Hilo Ben Franklin

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