Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mermaid Scale Frame

Get ready for a whole lot of purple!
Instead of the usual teal and pink combination that we usually associate with 
the mermaid, I'm putting another enchanting hue in the spotlight.
Over the past few months, mermaids have been EVERYWHERE.
(We even have a mermaid birthday party as this month's Pinspiration Station theme
at our Pearl City Store!)  So, what I've decided to make this week was a
 mermaid-themed gift that was simple to make, 
and REALLY affordable.  It's also a great summer project to do with your kids.
This project, my fellow crafters, is a Mermaid Scale Frame!

 Let's get started!

***  Supplies Needed  ***
SPC Wooden Frame
4 inch Wooden Letter
Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint*
1 inch Flat Acrylic Paintbrush
Hot Glue Gun or Wood Glue
Paint Pen*

*use color(s) desired

 The colors I used for my frame were multiple shades of purple, teal and white.
The exact names are Passion Purple, Lavender, GP Purple, White and Coastal Waters.
(The last color mentioned was actually a Delta Americana acrylic paint, which basically just dries to
a Satin finish instead of matte like Ceramcoat.)
I made a scalloped, "scale" pattern starting from the bottom of my frame.  
Every time I painted the next layer of scales up, I made sure to overlap the previous one. 
This is where you can have fun with the colors.  Even if you have only four or five colors,
you can mix them up to make new shades or even add depth to your scales.  For example,
I blended a little of the dark GP Purple into the lighter Passion purple shade to get a nice shadow effect.  After letting your scales dry, you can even add some detail by dotting on dark paint over the light-colored scales and vice versa.  

I then painted the wooden letter and added pearl detailing using a BoBunny Pearl Pen.
This is basically a puffy paint for hard crafts and scrapbooking.  It works on wood, paper and clay
and dries to a pearlized finish.  After this, I glued the 'M' to the top right corner of my frame!
To personalize it even more, you can even write the name of your friend, mom, sister or whoever the 
receiver of this amazing gift is on your frame with a paint pen.  I used a black fine tip Montana marker.  That wraps up this project!  As always, don't hesitate to change it up and make it your own.
Have fun with it and enjoy!

See you all next week!
Erika @ PC

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