Monday, June 13, 2016

Rainbow Rock Buddy

Today's project is great for kids and for adults!
Sometimes I'll write positive messages on rocks and hide them all around town, give them as rock gifts, or let them hang out with my potted plants or in my garden.
You can even paint them as rock labels to keep track of which plant is which.
But whatever you decide, painting rocks is fun!

smooth stones or river stones
assorted colors of solid color or iridescent Scribbles puffy paint
assorted colors of BoBunny Perler pens
assorted colors of Americana acrylic paint
small round or chisel tip nylon hair brush
white Montana Marker or white Decocolor acrylic paint marker
cup of water and paper towel
gloss spray varnish by Design Master or UV resistant spray by Krylon

First paint your rock a solid color of acrylic paint. This will be the base color.
Black looks best for highest contrast with intense rainbow colors.
you can either paint a shape on your rock, or paint the whole thing. The Americana brand is best because it's designed for a variety of surfaces. When you're done painting, clean off end with your cup of water and dry with your paper towel.
Then wait 5 -10 minutes for your rock to dry.

 Start from the center and make rings of colorful dots going outwards towards the edges. You can use a variation in pressure when squeezing out the dots in order to make them bigger or smaller.

 Continue your patterns all the way around to the edges. When done, let sit for about an hour. Ta Da! Rainbow rock!

Or turn your rocks into cactus plants! I painted them green, then used Scribbles puffy paint to make lines, then once those were dry I used the Perler Pen to draw my X shapes and make tiny dots.

Write a message to someone special. Using the BoBunny Perler Pens will give you very round bubble pearl shapes as opposed to the more "chocolate chip" look that puffy paints can sometimes make. I used a Montana Marker to write directly on the dried paint.

Don't forget to spray your finished works of art with a gloss varnish or UV resistant spray to keep your creation safe from the elements.
Experiment with turning your rocks into animals, foods, portraits, plant life, garden labels, and secret messages!!

Bethany @ Enchanted Lake


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